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We are on a mission
The goal of our site is to bring together various civil engineering topics. We present the latest trends in building technologies for you. Hence, our field of research includes all related industry sectors.
New technologies are developing rapidly.
Sometimes, it may get hard to keep up with all the innovations. Producing new materials enables engineers to build more freely. This also allows us to design new building concepts. Due to this, we keep track of these news and piece them together.

Civil engineering is a beautiful line of work
It is probably the oldest of all engineering professions. And in the meantime, it has come a long way. First of all, we are passionate about our job. Therefore, we provide useful and fresh information to our readers. Of course, all our content is original and well researched.

Interior design
This particular area is not strictly related to civil engineering. However, we find aesthetics important. Therefore, we cover topics regarding home decoration. Your home should be your sanctuary, a peaceful and calm place. Like a person, outside looks don’t mean much, if it is not as beautiful on the inside.

Building design
Architecture and civil engineering are very different yet closely related professions. In other words, our job as engineers is to make architect’s ideas come to life. Use of new construction technologies and materials allows us to build amazing feats of engineering. In addition, we have technical knowledge to carry out projects that up until recently seemed impossible.
And we are just getting started. Because of this, you have to keep reading and learning. Finally, we made this site for you.

List of contents
These are the topics you can read and learn about on out site https://buildingtip.com/:
1.Building Design
2.Structural Design
3.Construction Planning
4.Urban Planning
7.Geotechnical Engineering
8.Soil Testing
9.Transportation Engineering
10.Water Resource Engineering
11.Earthquake Protection
12.Home Safety
13.Interior Design
14.Home Decoration

About the author
About Us
Hello dear reader, my name is M Nizam Uddin. I am from a city Jessore in Bangladesh. I have finished college at Jessore Polytechnic Institute, and earned my diploma as Civil Technology Engineer. I am currently studying for BSc degree in Civil Engineering.

Since I am a student of Civil Engineering, I have decided to start a website. The research I do regarding the topics I write about is dually beneficial to me. I learn about my profession more and more each day, while also working on my passion project. This site.

I will do my best to provide you with highest quality content. My goal is to create original and interesting articles for my readers.

If you have any suggestions or complaints about the site, feel free to contact me!